6 things not to be published on social media

6 Things You Should Not Share On Social Media

Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram help you to access the latest news of friends and family, stay up to date with what’s happening in the world, and also share the details of your life with others.

There is a clear concern about what these sites do with the data that we share with them, as we contribute a lot of information indirectly for these sites to use to direct targeted advertisements that you see on your home page.

1- Site data:

In addition to your smartphone that tracks the GPS coordinates, the browser can also obtain location data based on your IP address, or login accounts, where you can determine your geographic location to place a tag in your posts showing your current location.

So before posting on any social network make sure if it pulls your site data automatically, and turn it off before posting, as there is no reason to share your site in every post.

In addition, the photos that you share on social media also contain metadata showing the exact location of the photo taking, putting your privacy at risk.

2- Travel plans:

Sharing the details of your next trip, such as: a weekend with the family, may be an explicit invitation to thieves to steal your home, as you never know who can see this information and use it improperly, and to maintain your security you do not share any details or pictures of your trip until after You return from it.

3- Complaints and personal problems:

Social media is definitely not the place to express your personal problems, so if you want to complain about your manager, coworkers, or relatives, don’t use these sites at all, as you can’t be sure everyone sees these posts.

4- New expensive purchases:

Many people like to post pictures of their new toys or purchases on social media, such as: a new phone, laptop, car, TV or something else.

However, publishing such posts can contribute to a personal problem for you, if you do not get the expected number of likes, or receive abusive criticisms, causing you to feel dissatisfied.

5- Participations and competitions that you share:

Social networks are important and key places for companies to organize competitions and give gifts to participants, mainly due to the ease of clicking on the (Share) button and not thinking about it twice.

While there are a lot of legal and legal competitions that you can find while browsing, you must think carefully before participating at any time, as these posts appear continuously in the account of your followers, and they may be a source of inconvenience for them which leads to the cancellation of your follow-up.

6- Anything you don’t want everyone to see:

There is one rule that you should follow when using social media: Never share anything you don’t want the whole world to see.

Once you post something on the internet, it is impossible to completely remove it, even if you decide to see your content only for your friends, there is no way to know who actually saw your posts and photos, saved or shared with someone else.

You may post something personal today but you may regret it after two years, of course you can delete it from your account, but you will not be able to completely erase it from the internet, thus avoiding not posting or sharing anything that you do not want everyone to see. In addition, you should never share your address or phone number on these sites.


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