Unlock the iCloud account for iPhone for free

Unlock the iCloud account for iPhone for free

iCloud is one of the services of the Apple company that enables you to protect iPhone phones, sometimes you may resort to buying a used iPhone, and you are surprised that the device is locked through iCloud, or maybe the new iPhone phones are locked through the iCloud due to forgetting the password, for example, but there are ways Many online to unlock the iCloud iPhone, many of these articles are false and few are true. So don’t bother yourself trying to unlock the iPhone iCloud and follow the next steps to unlock the iPhone iCloud.

One way to unlock unlocked new iPhones is one of the general types of maintenance for mobile phones, as unlocking is for a simple financial fee, so fake sites that offer articles about multiple ways to unlock new iPhones are always spread, so we will bring you here a set of sites that you should To stay away from it permanently while searching for how to unlock iCloud for iPhone.

Website: official iPhone unlock
A very popular site in the field of iCloud decoding, it gives you the IMEI of your device in exchange for a fee and will respond to you with the data for unlocking your iPhone. Great to complete the service so don’t be naive and move away from this site permanently.

Iphoneimei website
Also, this site depends on the same method as the previous site in the way to decode iCloud for new phones and iPhones, unfortunately, there are a lot of people who were exposed to special cases of fraud that the service decode iCloud your device is unofficial so do not pay anything to the site that publishes these words to you: Free iPhone IMEI unlocking services and iPhone IMEI checker with Carrier information, SIM Lock status, Find My iPhone (iCloud) and go to the next step where you will find a 100% guaranteed unlock method for iPhone,

How to unlock iCloud on iPhone?

How to unlock iCloud iPhone is easy and 100% guaranteed, but you should also know that it is unofficial, but you will skip the iCloud on iPhone phones yourself after knowing the conditions that your device must contain for the success of the iCloud unlock process.

  • The iPhone S5 or later
  • It is located between iPhone 5s and iPhone X.
  • The version of IOS is greater than version 12.3.
  • Must be available on a Mac.

After the conditions are met, we download the Chekra1n program and install it on your Mac, then follow the explanations on YouTube for how to open the lock.

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