What is Windows 10X and Everything you need to know

What is Windows 10X and Everything you need to know

Microsoft announced in October 2019, during a special event held in New York City in the United States, officially a special version of the Windows operating system called 10 (Windows 10x) Windows 10x prompt to personal computers with dual monitors.

Which operating system (Windows 10x) and devices are supported, when will they appear, and what are the main features?

Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming Windows 10x operating system:

Windows 10x is simply a custom version of Windows 10 – not a substitute – is designed to work on the dual-screen devices, which rely on the same technology (single-core) that form the basis of Windows 10.

What devices does Windows 10x support?

Windows 10x run on dual-screen Windows devices such as Surface Neo from Microsoft, slated to launch the next year 2021.

In addition to the expected emergence of other devices from companies such as Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo, at the end of this year or early next year, which will also run on the same Windows 10x.

Can I switch from Windows 10 to Windows 10x?

Users of a Windows 10 tablet, desktop, or laptop computer will not be able to upgrade or switch to Windows 10x because it is not designed to work on these devices.

What apps are compatible with Windows 10x?

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10x will support all kinds of applications running in the regular Windows 10 operating system. These applications include Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Progressive Web Applications (PWA), Classic Win32 applications, and applications installed from the Internet. Also, such as Microsoft Store Applications.

What are the key features of Windows 10x?

The new operating system comes with most of the features available in the main Windows 10 operating system but is optimized for use on dual Windows devices or dual screens because it allows the user to use one app across both screens or use one app on every screen.

For example, a user can browse the web on a screen while watching a video on the other screen at the same time, read emails on the screen, open attachments or links from messages on the other screen, or compare two different pages on the screen alongside the web, operations Multitasking other.

Although the form factor and operating system add multiple enhanced tasks compared to Windows 10, there are three main features in Windows 10 that you will not find in Windows 10x: (Start), Live Tiles, and the Windows 10 tablet.

How do you install Windows 10x on your computer?

Microsoft confirmed that once officially released Windows 10x, it will be available for purchase from the same online stores, and at distributors who sell Windows 10 and other Microsoft software.

When will Windows 10x be available to users?

Windows 10x dual-screen devices from Microsoft or other manufacturers are expected to see at the end of this year or early next year, the price is not yet known, however, it is very likely that it will be installed automatically on all devices that support it.

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