5 things you can do in Google Earth without a Google account

5 things you can do in Google Earth without a Google account

Google Earth has many useful little features that can be used even if you don’t have a Google Account, where you can customize the appearance of Google Earth, measure distances and areas, change units of measure, share locations, and Street View, and you can also use the most obvious features Like (Voyager) and (I feel lucky) in the web version of Google Earth without also having a Google Account.

Street View Navigation:

You can navigate during Street View without a Google Account, by going to the search section and then typing the name of the city or town or landmarks you want to tour by default.

Sharing sites and opinions:
You can easily share your location in Google Earth by copying the link of your area by default and sharing it on social media.

Distance and area measurement:

Google Earth allows you to measure distance and area in a very easy way, where you can click the (measure distance and area) option in the bottom right of the screen, then you can specify the start and endpoints of the distance you want to measure, or you can specify the area you want to measure its area.

Change units of measure:

You can change the unit of measure of distance by going to the settings wherein the (Formula and Units) section you will find an option (units of measure) that allows you to choose the measurement of distance (meters and kilometers) or (feet and miles).

Basic map customization:

You can customize the map in Google Earth by clicking on the (Map Style) option that you will find before the (measure distance and area) option, and after clicking on the (Map Style) option, you will find 4 modes:

  • Blank: No limits, labels, places, or routes.
  • Explore Lets you explore geographical boundaries, places, and roads.
  • Everything: Allows you to view all geographical boundaries, labels, places, roads, public transportation, landmarks, and water bodies.
  • Custom: This mode allows you to customize the map style that suits you with a wide range of options.

You can also through the (Layers) section:

  • 3D building activation.
  • Enable animated clouds: You can view the last 24 hours of cloud coverage with duplicate animations.
  • Activate network lines.

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