A way to know the Wi-Fi callers

A way to know the Wi-Fi callers

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, To find out who’s connected to your Wi-Fi network, router’s caller app
We usually use this app to find out who is connected to Wi-Fi, and when we suspect Wi-Fi theft, or to know the IP address and ID of the devices connected to Wi-Fi network, the app is unique and has many uses, the most important of which is displaying those connected to Wi-Fi, Or connected via a router wire,


Application to see the Wi-Fi caller

The application features the detection of many Wi-Fi networks that are connected:

  • Anyone on your Wi-Fi network checks whether Wi-Fi or wired.
  • Say reveal and find out if anyone is stealing from your WiFi network or not.
  • Finds vulnerabilities, has someone hacked them, is your internet connection safe or not?
  • Discover any Wi-Fi-connected devices If you are in a hotel, it searches for existing hidden surveillance cameras.
  • It measures the speed of the Internet, while alerts you to the speed, and whether you spend a sum on the Internet and take off the Internet well.
  • It has a scanner that detects all the callers inside and outside the home.
  • It has free tools to help you track and help many things, and discover them for yourself.
  • She has the ability to know who was at home while she was not.
  • You can see all devices near your home.
  • Block people who connect to your Wi-Fi network, and block unknown devices before connecting to your network.
  • You can set and set internet access times to protect children with the ability to set the time.
  • By knowing who is connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can see how much they are pulled from the internet or from your package while they are connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Through the app, you can search for nearby or new Wi-Fi networks.
  • It enables you to test, download and upload internet speeds and reveal the efficiency of your internet line.
  • Wi-Fi Caller Detection Software analyzes Wi-Fi from current vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities, with instructions for securing these Wi-Fi vulnerabilities.
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