how to play the video in picture-in-picture mode in iOS 14

how to play the video in picture-in-picture mode in iOS 14

IOS 14 includes many new features, including the ability to play the video in Picture-in-Picture mode, and this feature allows you to watch the video while using other applications in the iPhone, where the video works in a small window in any Place from the home screen, and you can also hide the PiP player in a sidebar if you want to hide the video while still playing the audio.

Here’s how to play the video in picture-in-picture mode in iOS 14?

(Picture in Image) the mode has been available on the iPad since 2015, but it took Apple a few years to add it to the iPhone, as the mode supports all iPhones that will work with the new operating system (iOS 14) when launched in the fall.

To use iPhone’s Portrait mode, follow these steps:

  • Go to any iPhone video app, like Apple TV, then play the video.
  • Swipe up to return to the home screen.
  • The video will start playing in a separate floating window on the top part of the main screen.
  • You can now perform any other tasks on the iPhone, and the video will continue to play in (Image to Picture) mode.
  • While playing the video you can drag it to any corner of the iPhone screen, you can also drag the video screen next to the iPhone screen to temporarily hide the PiP player, while the video audio continues to play.
  • You can also change the size of the video window by double-clicking the video to make the window larger or smaller quickly.
  • When finished, you can click once on the video screen to access the controls, then press the X in the top left to close the video immediately.

Note: You can only use this new feature in iOS (iOS 14) with the YouTube app, except by opening YouTube in Safari, because the YouTube platform uses background video playback as a feature when subscribing to (YouTube Premium).

But through Safari browser you can play YouTube video in the background, and you can also continue to listen to the video using the (Image in Image) feature when you lock the iPhone screen.



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