AppCleaner for Mac – FREE Download 2021

AppCleaner for Mac – FREE Download 2021

AppCleaner is available free of charge on Mac devices and can take advantage of its features to get rid of applications and programs and erase related files and their roots easily in order to save and save hard disk space. AppCleaner also allows you to clean your Mac, improve its performance and increase its efficiency by permanently deleting programs from their root forever.

Many Mac users suffer from the same problem, which installs new applications and programs to try it out, but soon we find that it is useless and it is not important and then it is removed, but unfortunately, not all files of those applications are deleted, which consumes the device space for this, you need to A program like AppCleaner, which can be downloaded for free and will permanently delete programs from the root.

AppCleaner provides an easy user interface through which you can uninstall programs that you do not need smoothly with the remains of these programs and this frees up the space available to you on the Mac and can get rid of applications by dragging and dropping or searching for applications from within the program and uninstalling them with two clicks.

Also, using the Smart Drillette feature in AppCleaner, you will not only be able to delete apps, you can also remove residual components, attachments and temporary files for them and any files belonging to these applications, which means you have a lot of hard disk space for your Mac, and for this, you must There is a program like AppCleaner on your Mac to permanently delete programs and apps from its root.

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