All the features and secrets of the iPhone

Learn the secrets of the iPhone

IPhone: It is a touch smartphone, developed by Apple, was first released in the year 2007 AD, and it has many advantages, such as its ability to photograph and browse the internet, especially the features of a regular phone, such as the ability to communicate, and the iPhone works with iOS (iOS) ), Also developed by Apple

IPhone secrets

IPhone has many advantages that make it an attractive phone for many people, but there are some useful features that Apple has not officially announced, and among these features

  •   Pulling the screen down to facilitate access to all its contents, especially for small hands, and this is done by clicking without pressing the home page twice.


  •  The ability to open a copy of computers from websites instead of mobile phones, and that is done by pressing the update button for a few seconds until the option to request a desktop version of the site appears.


  •  The ability to correct mistakes made while using the calculator app (in English: the calculator), by swiping a finger through the numbers at the top.


  •  Drop the random memory to improve the performance of the device, and this is done by pressing the power button until the option to turn off the device appears, then pressing the power button and pressing the home button until a black screen appears followed by returning to the main screen.


  • Pressing the green call button on the call app will reconnect to the last caller.


  • @ When receiving a message from the messaging app or chat application, it is possible to respond quickly without having to enter the application, by pulling the notification box of the incoming message down.


  • @If you find the iPhone without knowing the identity of its owner, Siri can be asked about the identity of the owner of this phone.


  • @Press the Home button three times to reduce the screen brightness, but this feature must be activated through the settings first, and this is done as follows:
  1.  Go to the settings application
  2.  Click on General
  3.  Click on the option for people with special needs
  4.  Select the full screen zoom option in the image zoom option
  5.  Activate the zoom option
  6.  Choosing a light light option from the zoom filter option, and in case of difficulty in reaching the option, you can press three fingers on the screen three times.
  7.  In Accessibility Options for Special Needs, choose the Zoom In option from the Accessibility Shortcut setting

  •  IPhone teaching shortcuts for specific phrases, to get rid of the need to write the entire sentence repeatedly, this is done by going to settings, then to general, after which the keyboard option is selected, followed by the option to replace text


  •  Set a specific time to enable “Do not disturb” that prevents notifications from being received.
  •  Control the iPhone by moving the head, and this is done by activating the feature from the disabled accessibility settings, then the option to change the control


  •  The ability to improve the unlock code, using a pattern that integrates the English alphabet with numbers, and this allows the user to create a code with an infinite number of possibilities, unlike the usual 6-digit codes that allow numbers only without the alphabet, which reduces the number of possibilities to a million Possibilities.


  •  The ability to specify a specific message to be sent to the caller in the event of the inability to answer, and activate it through the settings, then the phone options, then select the option to reply with a message


  •  Choose a ringtone for calls through the iTunes app or GarageBand app
  •  Select a specific concussion pattern when receiving calls from different contacts.
  • Take photos while shooting videos, this is done by tapping the on-screen camera button as well as the shutter button while shooting video.

 3D Touch secrets

3D Touch is a feature that is included in iPhone versions that follow the sixth version (i.e. 6S and 6 Plus versions), and it is possible to know the amount of pressure that affects the touch screen, as this feature was exploited by many application developers to facilitate the user to perform specific tasks, Among the secrets that depend on the existence of this feature, that is, the iPhone version follows the sixth version, the following:

  1.  Effects and animations in the messaging application where the user can insert effects and animations and send them to the other party, and this is done by clicking on the arrow icon next to the text of the message using the 3D Touch feature, after which the user will see options to insert the effects.
  2.  Ability to quickly view open website pages through Safari web browser
  3.  The ability to quickly view the content of a website page stored as a tag without having to open it.
  4.  Find out more


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