Best app to delete duplicate photos on iPhone

Best app to delete duplicate photos on iPhone

If you are looking for a good app to delete duplicate photos on iPhone, then you are in the right place. We will review a group of the best applications in this regard.

All iPhone cleaning programs provide this feature in addition to some specialized programs only to search for and delete duplicate files.

1 – Clean Doctor app

This application includes deleting and removing duplicate images, saccharin, contacts, large videos and calendar, and other data that is repeated and occupies an area that focuses on saving space as much as possible by eliminating any files in more than one place or even in the same folder

It searches in the camera folder to get similar and duplicate images and remove them, and shows you the large images taking up space so you can get rid of them if you don’t need them.

Delete duplicate HDR images, which are among the new features in the iPhone when taking more than one shot of the same scene. You can download and try the app through the iTunes Store.
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2- Refined cleaning

As is clear from the name of the app that cleans the iPhone, this includes deleting any duplicate file, photos, video, contacts, text files, etc.

It correctly does more than one task for file type, for example in duplicate contacts, and merges with one click. Find all the big video files you may not need and delete them with one click.

Generally, it cleans and saves iPhone space, including finding and deleting duplicate photos, which is the primary goal of this post. [Apple apps]

3- Apply the phone cleaner

A good program that supports working on iPhone X does the same as previous apps in terms of finding, finding, and deleting duplicate files, including photos.

After running the application and after finding duplicate images, you can select all and delete it once. Not much to talk about, it’s worth trying [Apple apps]


Among the previous apps, you can find duplicate photo scanning app for iPhone easily even if you don’t check any of these apps, you can search using Duplicate in the software store and a large list of programs that provide this feature with you appears.

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