How to move data from the Android to an iPhone – ios

How to move data from  Android to  iPhone

Hello everyone , hi, my visitors and my followers of Mekano Tech in an useful article about how to move data from the android to an I phone through an easy way .

In this article , you will learn how to move data from the android to an I phone simply through an easy explanation step by step with pictures ,too.So that you can move them without any punishment or any problems .

All you need is reading this article well and do what you learn on your phone step by step to can move your data and your files easily .

If you bought an I phone and want to move all your previous data and files from the old android to the new i phone , click here to download this application) ( movetoios ) from google play .

first ,you should download this application on your android from it you will move the data to the new iPhone .

After downloading the application , Open it and click on (continue or follow ) then ( Ok or agree ), after that you will notice on the screen ( search on the symbol ) , click on ( next ) to get into  ,then put the symbol ,then wait to complete the steps on the IPhone .

Second, open your iPhone and make all the main setting to new phone to open it .

Choose the language ,country, the WiFi network ,close the sites ,then it will ask you to open the phone with your fingerprint , then it will ask you to put the number of closing the phone ( here you should put 6 numbers ) to make symbol for the phone ,after that write it again .

Now lots of options will be showed ,Choose from them (move data from android ) as you see on the next picture.

After clicking on ( move data from android ) , you will be asked to download this program ( movetoios ) as you see on the following picture .

Click on continue or follow to write the symbol of the 6 numbers.

Open your android and write the 6 numbers , then put it on the program .

Wait until the mobile preparing for the process.

Here , it will ask you to for what you want to move to the i phone through this program.

Choose what you want to move and click on ( next ) .

Wait for pasting .

Now click on ( next ) as you see in the next picture .

Also click on continue or follow to move the data .

Here , you must choose follow the setting of the i phone .

Then , it will ask you to for your i cloud , if you have one you should write it .But if you don’t have i cloud then choose ( i don’t have Apple ID ) as you see on the next picture .

After that  choose ( show later in the settings ) .

Then choose don’t use and not send . the mobile will finish the settings and open with the new data from the android .

If you don’t have a new i phone and you want to do these steps , all what you should do is copy another version for the phone then make  ( reset the phone ) to make these steps to move any data from the android easily .

Goodbye in another explanation , thank you , please don’t forget to share the article and follow our site .


Sorry my phone contains Arabic language but do the same steps as shown in the pictures


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