how to set up a password on your Linksys

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Welcome to Mekano Tech , today I’ll be showing you

how to set up a password on your Linksys

router after you are connected okay so

what you want to do first is search

search a program CMD which is short for

command click this icon right here

and search i.p con fig and click enter ok

now what you want to do there should be something called default gateway you

should go to root right here and right click click on mark and highlight , the Gateway right here and click enter this

way you have copied the Gateway next what you want to do is go on your

internet browser – Mozilla Firefox


on the address bar you want to paste the Gateway click enter and the the password

and username should both be admin  for all Linksys routers and click OK

ok this is the page you use your little or something similar like this and click on basic

it’s on the so on the left side of the screen go all the way down  and there should be something here cause security

right here so over here you want you wanna select WPA 2 personal

that that’s the one I like the most and encryption this just uh is gone this one

I’ve selected .

and  this is the  password this is what the password is going to be shared key so yeah I don’t I

don’t recommend to randomize that so if you want to have like your own your own

password that you’ll remember like for example I have remembered this code that

I am that I won’t forget so if you have anything that you want to remember as

your password well anyways you want to click Save , once you click saved all the

settings should be restarted and  you’re good to go okay .

thanks for reading

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